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Easy Breezy DIY: Anti-Wrinkle Miracle

Google Images labeled for re-use: via pix A bay

Google Images labeled for re-use: via pix A bay

The excitement over this discovery has me so giddy that I couldn’t wait to write this post.  My doctor gave me a new product to help heal my intestinal issues. As usual, I do some research to find out exactly what is going into my body… when a lightbulb went off above my head.

Now, I’ll back up a bit and first state that I am a vegetarian and had mixed emotions about two of these products I’m going to suggest.

I did my own soul searching as I’m sure many of you will. Please read what I’m saying and make your own choices according to your own philosophy.

And, as required… You may be a doctor, but I’m not… I don’t claim to be, I don’t want to be.

First I will start off with my discovery of “emu oil.” I’ve been using emu oil for about three months; I had read all the miraculous benefits and decided to give it a try. I also made sure to buy the most responsible oil from Arizona, ensuring the animal was already being used for food and not simply killed for its beneficial oil like many Australian companies do.

If you don’t know an emu resembles an ostrich, and the oil from the fatty hump on it’s back may have many benefits. You can read about it HERE.

Google Images labeled for re-use: Free use stock

Google Images labeled for re-use: Free use stock

In my opinion, I did notice a slight difference in the reduction of wrinkles and it’s non-comedogenic, which means it won’t clog pores; I feel confident using it on my acne prone face.

I do find that my skin LOVES this oil more than most, including coconut oil, which is too drying on my face. I decided that I would continue to use emu oil even if it doesn’t do the laundry-list of cures some claim it does… simply because I enjoy the feeling it gives my skin.

Basically, I like it enough to continue, but not enough to SCREAM how amazing emu oil is…yet. Maybe with continued use I will post an update.

I’ve added Ashwagandha to my supplement regimen as a major antioxidant covering many things. I use it internally for skin rejuvenation, but ALSO for my anxiety issues. You can read about it HERE.

But, lastly and the reason for my extreme excitement, Colostrum LD powder by Sovereign Laboratories. (As ALWAYS, this is not a sponsored article)

As I was reading about the thousands of studies already done on Colostrum and the many benefits internally and externally,  I started wondering if it could be applied topically to help with growth-hormones/collagen replacement on the skin as well. It turns out there are several facial creams made from Colostrum, but why not cut out all the other additives?


Then, I decided to combine a few drops of emu oil with a small amount of Colostrum powder (1/3 teaspoon), a touch of water, and I kid you not… INSTANT MIRACLE FACE MASK!

Mind you, this is not a cheap secret you can dig out from under your bathroom sink.

A decent bag of Colostrum could run you about $100 on Amazon, and emu oil costs about $30 for four ounces, but both of these products will last a very long time, making this a bi-yearly purchase, maybe. There are cheaper alternatives, such as Colostrum capsules, but I find the bag goes a long way making it more cost effective in the long run.

I’d like you to read some clips about colostrum HERE

The “easy breezy” recipe to change your life:

  1. Buy a very expensive bag of Colostrum. (I’ll wait here until you gt back from the store. Tick tock tick tock)
  2. Buy a tiny bottle of emu oil… ding-dong, is that your Amazon delivery at the door? You didn’t forget your Ashwagandha did you?
  3. Stir one Tablespoon of the Colostrum powder into a glass with a small amount of water, stir well and drink it. ( I like to add it to iced coffee)
  4. Use a smaller glass dish, take another 1/3 Teaspoon of Colostrum and add no more than 3 drops of emu oil, and a small amount of water (several drops) to create a thick paste.
  5. The first glass will heal your skin from the inside, the second concoction will stimulate external skin cells to rejuvenate topically.
  6. You will find the paste goes onto the skin clear; within minutes it starts forming a tight mask which smells somewhat farm-like. Admittedly, it’s NOT the the best scent, but it does go away after a few minutes. You can leave this mask on overnight and wash off in the morning, or as long as you please.

Bada-Bing, your skin will feel like a baby’s bottom the next day. After several weeks though, “supposedly” your skin begins to develop youthful levels of elastin and collagen. I can personally attest to less neck wrinkles and a SIGNIFICANT decrease in crows feet around the eyes, but I have also noticed other differences such as INCREDIBLE EYELASHES, and new growth along my hairline. My nails are stronger and overall I feel healthier, but I attribute this to the internal use of Colostrum as well. I love this product so much that I started giving it to my 74yr old mother, and will be posting soon about the other benefits I’ve noticed.


The secret to antiaging skin, the fountain of youth, discovered right here on BuddhafulBritt.com?   Crazier things have happened.

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2 comments on “Easy Breezy DIY: Anti-Wrinkle Miracle

  1. Nivedita Sharma
    January 14, 2017

    This is exactly the kind of information I was looking for about colostrum and surprisingly enough, I have emu oil too though I was VERY hesitant to get it because of the fact that I also am a vegetarian. I have been looking for something to help with my lichen planus and I think this could be it. Thank you for sharing your experiences with this!


  2. kali
    April 12, 2017

    I recently met you in person and your skin sure does look great. 🙂

    Also a vegetarian I feel weird about emu oil… but I might try this colostrum thing. Your blog is really nice, keep up the great work.


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