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Cairo Zion: The Athlete; The Actor


His name is Cairo, but he likes using his middle name to make it pop,“Cairo Zion.” All good mothers brag about their kids; you could say I humble brag, a bit more than I should.

You see, this kid started standing at two months old. How could I not boast about that achievement? I also taught him sign language, and he is dyslexic, but they are secondary conversation starters.


My three month maternity-leave was nearly cut-short because my newborn was standing; when I called my job, their reply was that I was “hallucinating.” I need not rush back to work.

I, most certainly, was not hallucinating.

We were Manhattan natives, and agencies like Ford and Wilhelmina showed interest in my son early-on. But I was in the process of moving to Florida near my parents, so I never pursued it.


These last twelve years, I’ve just let him be a kid.

I had no desire to look for an agent, or push him into something he wasn’t emotionally prepared for.  I don’t “hashtag” very often, and I forget to mention his team-sponsors more often than not. Oops, @MauiSkimmers #IslandShop #Skimtona. Other moms, seem to push for Instagram fame. #I-dont-push

I figured if it was meant to be, then it would be.

Over the years, his unique “balance,” has taken on a life of its own in the form of athletics. This kid… has an uncanny and bizarre ability of balancing on just about anything he gets his hands on.

Unicycle? No problem. He taught himself in an hour.  Within days he started riding more than 5 miles a day, sometimes with a surfboard.

Other times, he jumps off picnic tables, rides down museum steps, and jumps over whatever he finds fun… on his one-wheeled-bike.


He is a sponsored Skim-boarder and competitive Surfer, but recently asked me to buy him a pair of Freeline Skatesand then this crazy journey began.

A production company asked if we would be interested in shooting a Sunny D commercial in Miami.

They sent over contracts, offered to pay him $3,100, and name-dropped all kinds of cool agencies like Iconoclast, Terri and Sandy, and Alaska.

The 12 year old beach-boy, Cairo Zion, was over-the-moon with excitement.

But, my former life in Manhattan had witnessed all kinds of friends with “industry” disappointments. I was determined to not let my kid get caught up in that scene. I’ve always vowed not to become a pushy stage-mom, like so many I’ve watched in wonder.

But, I figured they found him... There was no audition, only an incredible story to tell.

We were days away from shooting in Miami, when they backed-out. “Nixed the whole scene,” sadly.

We never pursued being in a national commercial. So, it was extremely disappointing as a mom; the very thing I’ve tried to shield him from, happened.  

Had he been prepped for this disappointment with endless auditions, that’s a different story.  BUT…


Heartbroken Cairo Zion, my little athletic freak-of-nature, decided he wasn’t going to let this set-back keep him from an interesting future… true to form, he wants to move full-steam ahead.

I call this look… his TIGER FACE.  It shows-up when people underestimate him. When his typically happy persona changes…watch out.


His “Tiger Face” is the look of determination. Kiddo has asked me to get head-shots, find an agent, and pursue a career in the industry.

No joke, all of a sudden this kid is hell-bent on showcasing his talent to whoever will give him a chance.

His reason for doing this?

He said, “I planned on giving YOU the $3,100 they offered me. We are struggling Mommy, I was going to give it all to you.”

O.M.G. With each day, I love him more and more.

Obviously, I would not take one dime of his hard-earned cash, but the sentiment alone is enough to make a mother proud.  I told him that I don’t have a clue where to begin in making his dream come true, but I would do my best.

So this is him, Cairo Zion. 


The kid who actually gave his own money to Santa Claus, so Santa could buy gifts for unfortunate kids. The kid who asks aunts and uncles to donate to charity instead of giving him Christmas or birthday gifts (This year, his aunt Kelly saved an African elephant in his name, as seen below).

He never asks for anything; he has such a giving soul.

These last two years have been extremely difficult with disappointment after disappointment, in various forms. Yet, Cairo only becomes more determined than ever, with each set-back.


I’m clueless where to begin, who to trust, or what needs to be done. But his philosophy is, that someone was interested in what he’s got to share with the world… and, there will be others.

-Love, Lisa and Cairo Zion


Cairo has been working very hard in the entertainment industry. He has done work for Hard Rock Cafe, Five Below, Visit Florida, Alligator Attraction, Bealls, Tupperware, Academy Sports, and many more.

Cairo Joined Soleil Kids, a Miami Talent and Model Management Agency! 

And, signed exclusively with Benz Models and Talent for TV and movies in L.A. Atlanta, Tampa and Orlando. #Modashpere #Access Actors.

He is also listed on with multiple Miami agents on Casting Network! 

For booking inquiries about Cairo, please contact:

Miami- print/commercial: SoleilKids@gmail.com 

Acting- Tampa/Orlando/L.A. & Atl: Benz Model and Talent tel:813.242.4400

6 comments on “Cairo Zion: The Athlete; The Actor

  1. Lynn Tiwari
    May 19, 2018

    What an amazing young man you’ve raised! It’s a sign of what an amazing mother you are as well. Rock on Cairo Zion- Keep on doing you! Only good things can come with an attitude like yours!


    • Britt
      May 19, 2018

      Thank for reading Lynn. And thank you for such kind words. ❤️


  2. frannnelli
    May 29, 2018

    Can’t wait to see where he goes next!


    • Britt
      May 29, 2018

      Thank you for reading! He is super excited, and I’m one proud Mama.


  3. G. Keller
    May 9, 2019

    Dear Lisa. Thanks a lot for sharing this story with the world. I read about disappointments but as well great moments that happened in your life. Well, that is life. And I think you can be proud of you and your son. BTW: I’m sure he will start a carear in what business ever. Wish you both just the best in life.


    • Britt
      May 9, 2019

      Thank you so much for such a nice comment. ❤️🙏🏼


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