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The Social Media Dilemma

Social media plays a large portion of most of our lives, even our seniors have succumb to the lure. On a daily basis though, I’m left speechless at the way certain platforms have both inspired… and terrified me.

As my son becomes a teenager it’s inevitable that he start having an online presence. Up until now, I’ve followed the lead of other parents by running my sons social media for him, yet, keeping him fully involved so he can learn the gravity of this situation.

Not only are kids bullied on all platforms, but I’ve become all too familiar with pedophiles stalking my son online.

Like many others, I assumed this was a rare phenomenon that happens to “other” kids, not mine. I protect our accounts with the necessary blocks and parental controls, but still… they found a way.

So, we as parents are left stuck in the middle of giving them that freedom, or restricting it. (I’m a firm believer that when you restrict things altogether, kids go behind your back.)

So, I’ve decided to educate Cairo.

For instance…

We posted pictures of my son eating ice-cream at our local shop, it’s a very photogenic cafe. By posting this place several times, a person we do not know, drove hours from their home and “coincidentally” ran into us there.

This event changed our online presence forever.

“Cairo” has received several “private messages” from grown men; male pedophiles who try to lure him into conversation.

Inevitably, the conversation leads to a perverted, demented, and illegal place. I know this… because it’s ME they are talking to. It is ME who screen-shots every word, and ME who has them blocked… and EXPOSED.

One man from Germany told “my son,” he wanted to “lick his hot, sexy, six pack.”

Another from India, asked if my son was a “good boy or bad boy.” Needless to say, the med-school listed on his profile received an ton of screen shots.

But, further still, a man from Brazil tried to educate Cairo on the fine art of “Blow Jobs.”


Yes, folks, THIS IS VERY REAL.

One man flew from Europe to vacation in Florida. He texted my son every day leading up to his vacation, then sent creepy photos of him eating lunch at a place he knew my son frequented. This person went to this particular spot every day during his vacation, and waited for my son to show up. (luckily we don’t live anywhere near there)

Another guy, asked my son if he could take a bus from Miami to Ft. Lauderdale “on his own,” (without his mother) to play “golf.”

Sometimes they try to portray themselves as people in the entertainment industry to gain access to his page. But, once you start doing some research, some of these people have very shady pasts! What I have uncovered, is truly HORRIFYING!

Once, I found my sons photos posted on an Instagram page which has “a love for boys ARMPITS.” From there you can see who follows that page, and you would be shocked to realize the same people try to follow your kids.

I have discovered a HUGE underground network of people actively working together to take advantage of children.

I took action and deleted one entire Instagram account. His new account is set to private, and I do my best to read each profile before accepting them as followers.  Even with these precautions, creepiness ensues.

Then, there are haters and bullies.

Cairo was “made fun of” for riding his unicycle, being “too athletic,” and “crying like a little bitch,” among other hateful and mean spirited gossip.

I continue to tell Cairo, “Notice the people who are happy for your happiness, and sad for your sadness, they are your true friends.” Cairo takes it much better then I do, though.

People can be mean spirited, perverted, and downright scary on social media.

But, not all social media followers are creepy, in fact, the large majority of them are pretty damn awesome!

It seems to be happening to us daily; someone inevitably comes up and says “Hey, I’m *so and so* we follow you on Instagram.” Those meetings are always a shocking pleasure.

For instance, a surfer-guy came up to me while I was taking pictures of Cairo surfing. He walked out of the water, and asked how our recent trip to Costa Rica was. Now, anyone who knows me, knows that I have facial recognition issues. I can hear an accent with great precision, but a face? It’s lost on me.

So, people coming up and knowing the details of our life REALLLLLY leaves me stuck in a state of momentary confusion.

Social media has taken a lifelong disorder, and thrown me into a bizarre world where I have no idea who I am supposed to know in real life… OR who is watching from afar.

Another example of our new reality; I was being harassed on the beach by two extremely drunk locals in Costa Rica. They were tugging my hair, and starting to become aggressive.

While I was desperately searching for an escape route… an angel sent from heaven walked towards me.

She said, “Hi, are you Cairo’s mom?”  Apparently, she recognized him, and his surfboard, from Instagram.

Just last week, we walked into a restaurant several counties from home.  As the hostess led us to our table, a kid and his grandparents were quite obviously watching us. As we were eating, the boy walked over and said “Are you Cairo Zion?”

And… yesterday Cairo got to meet a fellow Skimtona Team Rider, because they saw online that we were not only visiting the same town, but in the hotel next to theirs.

These situations have become our new “normal,” and most of these interactions are pretty amazing. It’s the rare “scary” ones that leave me not knowing what to do as a parent.

It’s our JOB as parents to protect our kids the best we can, WHILE letting them grow and explore. We have to educate them to the harsh realities of life and NOT shield them from the truth. I’m shocked at the amount of families I’ve discussed this with, and their kids ask me, “what is a pedophile?”

I feel Cairo is prepared, best he can be. Please inform your kids too.

Social Media is a fine balance.

Ultimately, we believe the goodness of people is far greater than the evil.  All we can do is stay vigilant, aware, and have a kind heart.


2 comments on “The Social Media Dilemma

  1. HolyGuacamole
    November 10, 2018

    This is scary stuff. I had no idea it was this pervasive. I have very little social media presence (no Facebook, no Instagram, no Twitter) so I never thought about it. I do have a 12 year old who’s on her phone all the time. Although I set it up with parental controls, I don’t really intrude. But what I learnt today makes me sick. These cyber-creeps are beyond revolting. And the thought that they could show up in person is nightmarish. A creep like that could turn a normally easy going dad into a violent monster. There’s no lower life form than a pedo.


    • Britt
      November 11, 2018

      If you only knew the stuff I’ve left out of this post. It’s terrifying. Thanks for reading my friend, as always.


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