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Dinky Indulgence: Garlic Joy

Wise Geek via clipish

Wise Geek via clipish

A Dinky Indulgence is something that fills your soul; a small pleasure that creates joy in your life. If we can fill our lives with these Dinky Indulgences, the stress and negativity will fade away into the background.

As usual, this is not a sponsored article, my reviews come from passion; good or bad… and this just so happens to be SO DAMN GOOD.

Do you know the Joy of Garlic? It’s the happiness your senses experience from the unmistakable taste and aroma; yes I’m sure you know the joy of garlic.  Jean Najjar’s natural food creation, “Garlic Joy” does just that by evoking the bliss which only garlic can bring.

Mr. Najjar named his company after his daughter, Joy’s International Foods, but the business was ultimately conceived because of recipes which were passed down from his grandfather.  His Mediterranean background inspired the original garlic spread which began as a small venture in Melbourne Florida back in 2003. The secret family recipe soon became popular in the local community where he lived by establishing a following at the sauna-like outdoor gourmet markets on the east coast of Florida.

As demand grew for the creamy Garlic spread, Najjar began formulating several other products along the same lines, such as all-natural spaghetti sauces, tapenades and dressings. The popularity of these products led to the business development of private distributors selling his gourmet product-line across most of Florida; a distribution area which now ranges from Key West to Georgia.

A modest man whose beginnings were as an aerospace engineer before the creation of Garlic Joy, Najjar is so passionate about his products that he can be found giving training sessions on each of his concoctions. His excitement inspires the distributors and customers alike about his products because he holds each one dear to his heart.

On occasion he will travel to various venues and explain the health benefits while giving generous samples so customers can savor the unique taste. Each product boasts all-natural and raw ingredients which are gluten-free, with no added sugar, cholesterol, trans-fats, dairy or hydrogenated oils. Shockingly, they are also kosher, vegetarian, vegan, and contain no preservatives. It is rare to find such high-quality food products these days, but that is exactly what Mr. Najjar has done.

It would be difficult to find something on your dinner plate that Garlic Joy would not pair well with; it’s so versatile that it can be used on just about anything.  Add some garlic seasoning to soups and stews, or use a dab on a sandwich instead of mayonnaise.  Slather it on bread as a healthy alternative to butter or it can be used to spice up chicken and season meats.

Each jar of Garlic Joy brags more than twenty-bulbs of fresh garlic to create a creamy delight which gives an added health benefit to everything it touches.  Garlic is part of the onion family and is believed to ward off sickness, and has been used for centuries to fight a common cold. Its other known benefits are that it helps lower cholesterol and reduces blood pressure.  The high antioxidant ratio is being studied as something that may help in the prevention of Alzheimer’s and it may aid the body in the elimination of heavy metals, according to Authority Nutrition.

The product line began as basic creamy garlic spread; later other flavors such as olive-garlic and chipotle-garlic flavors were added to the ensemble. Currently you can find fresh sauces such as marinara, Fra-Diavlo, and Puttanesca. Other Mediterranean items for sale are specialty olive tapenades, homemade pesto, and fire-roasted brushetta.

Each jar costs $10, but with each pair purchased you are given a stamp. After a collection of nine stamps you are given the tenth pair free with a pick of any items you prefer.

Mr. Najjar ensures the quality of his products by carefully supervising all production and distribution himself. With each new product additon, he perpetuates the growth of his company by producing high-quality natural food-items with not only nutritional value, but also intense flavor. The passion for the product can be seen with each distributor at local outdoor markets in and around Florida.

Garlic Joy, truly is a pleasure in every aspect. It tends to be addictive and keeps you coming back for more. There is a list of markets on their website and a page to order at JoyofGarlic.com

Contact info for Mr Jean Najjar : jnajjar@joyofgarlic.com

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