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Buddhafully Broke


So this is what being broke feels like?  Call me weird, but I don’t mind it too much.

Life has its twists and turns; I have been somewhat well-off and I’ve been broke as well.  Currently, I am the latter, but I’m OK with it.  During those times when I have to count my pennies and actually bypass my morning Starbucks, somehow, I am more creative.

“You mean… I have to MAKE coffee, myself? AT HOME?”  They are heathens for even suggesting such an idea.


Not only do I make my own iced coffee now, but I have gotten so creative that I am now making my very own almond milk as well! Its cheap, easy, and a little messy…but it isn’t processed junk.   —-> My easy “almond milk” recipe

I’m the kind who tries to live “chemical free”; and I try to buy organics, shop locally, hug trees, save birds etc.  That’s right, no sense in trying to hide it, I am a tree huggin’ Jersey girl.  You got a problem with that?


There are certain things I have encountered while living on a budget that would normally drive my “chemical-free” brain bat-shit crazy… like bottled water without the correct recycle number indicating it is BPA free… isn’t exactly as important as actually staying hydrated.

Don’t get me wrong, I choose not to swallow cancer causing toxic waste, but when you are really broke… these things can slide temporarily. The toughest part is trying to decide which is worse; the tap water filled with chlorine and fluoride, or cheap bottled water with BPA laced bottles?

The dilemmas of modern society huh?   I look at it this way… if fish die from the water flowing from my faucet, it will not go into my body.

End of story.


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I have recently started making my own deodorant which is WAY cheaper and I don’t use store bought shampoo any longer.  It’s funny what you can create when you are forced to be thrifty.

Did you know that you can actually GROW your own food, like… almost free?  Why are we not giving away seeds to poor people?


I have taken up gardening, which is insanely satisfying.  I get to choose organic seeds from my own vegetables which allows me to control how my plants are grown.  I would have NEVER tried this endeavor if I had some cash.

In full disclosure though, I’m a student, so in actuality I’m choosing to be broke while I get my degree.  Being a student allows me to be home more to raise my son, but I have learned invaluable life-skills that I did not have while living in Manhattan.


I have learned that… twenty bucks is a lot of money. Sometimes it feels so good to go to the ATM and have a crisp $20 in my bag; little things like that can change your whole day.

I have learned that… sometimes coupons really help, and getting twenty-five cents off each gallon of gas adds up.

“Buy one, get one free” feels like winning the lottery, and a place such as Olive Garden that used to repulse me, is now a happy treat.

…and sadly, ten dollars an hour is considered normal wages for many people in our country to survive on. The thought of applying to one of those jobs for extra cash has crossed my broke ass mind… several times.

I have become humbled to say the least.

While living in Manhattan I was in my happy little bubble of abundance. My thoughts about the rest of the country were unrealistic and distorted.   $2,000 rent? …a bargain, no problem.  $16. pack of cigarettes totally normal. $12 taxi ride to go 30 blocks… sometimes several times a day… absolutely.

My eyes have changed.


When I see a $900 purse, I no longer strive to own one, instead I think of how I could fill my soul with that money… Groceries?  Plants?  A weekend trip perhaps?

They say… “Its the good times we live for and the hard times we learn from”.

I can’t dwell on what I don’t have, I am thrilled with what I do have. I have cultivated this new outlook somewhere within me, which is… peace.

I’m Buddhafully Broke, and I don’t mind.


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I welcome your comments.   Follow my journey at BuddhafulBritt.com

3 comments on “Buddhafully Broke

  1. Manpreet singh
    September 30, 2014

    Beautiful and content..


  2. Kelli Jenkins
    September 30, 2014

    Girl, I’m Buddhafully broke most of the time too, but you know this! We can always make coffee at my house & sit on the porch, happy as can be! Xoxo


  3. emilyturner23
    October 4, 2014

    I’ve been up and down as if life was a roller coaster ride, and regardless of the many nights in New York where my tab was $500 to over a thousand, my best memories I’ve ever had are the ones where I spent barely anything. And no matter how much money I may or may not have I will always feel like I scored when I find a great bargain!


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