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Giving Blogging a Bad Name


Did you know that each time you click on a post in a social media site such as Facebook or Twitter that you are essentially being led to a blog of some sort? No matter if it looks like a professional article or not, it’s typically a freelance writer sitting at home in their pajamas with a cup of coffee, wine…or both, typing away for hours to bring you what they feel is relevant information.

That’s how I do it at least.

Writing is so enjoyable to me that I returned to school to get a degree following my passion. Although, universities such as my own University of South Florida do not seem to be moving in the direction of this new media.

Not only do they not offer any kind of a degree that would help me pursue what I love doing, but they seem to be completely left in the dust as to what is happening in the writing world these days.

Thanks to my wonderful subscribers this site is growing so quickly that I can barely keep up. The positive feedback had convinced me to go to my journalism teacher for advise.

“What exactly do I do?” I asked her. “I don’t even know what to call myself” I said as I handed over my brightly colored paisley business card and begged her to read my “blog”.

I hate the word BLOG.


For the general population, even some who are in the field seem to think “bloggers” have this cutesy little personal page, where we post pictures of our children or create wedding albums, completely disregarding the countless hours we put into our site.

…but when I am called a “blogger,” I hear the screeching sound of nails gliding down a chalkboard, the hair on my neck stands up because I can’t stop thinking about a bunch of people who sell their souls to the devil trying to make money using “pay-per-click” methods or write about “brand testing”.

Lately there is an abundance of 20 something bloggers who “test” new types of lipstick colors, or other products to write about for menial amounts of cash. They have 20,000 followers on their bloglovin account and I can barely read their post due to so many grammatical errors and mind numbing subject matter.


So when a respected professor at my university asked me if I want to monetize on my “blog” I wanted to jump out of my skin; “blogging” sometimes feels like writing prostitution. You become addicted to the “likes” and you are constantly checking the stats to see how many visitors you had in the last hour.

“Oh good, someone from Saudi Arabia read my post… never mind they “bounced.”   SIGH

“Obviously, I want to make money doing what I love, but that’s why I am here… at college… asking YOU professor.”

My  teacher finally gave it a name… It’s a fancy schmancy name for “blogging” I suppose, but at least she gave me some direction.  She said  “you are an entrepreneurial digital journalist.”

“Oh, is that what I am?”

After switching my major from Mass Communications/Journalism to an English degree… and then BACK to Mass Comm again, I realized there is nothing universities specialize in that would help us bloggers pursue what we love.

My desire to write fictional stories or novels is nil, and their creative writing area does not offer a degree, only a certificate.

“Umm, a certificate… whats THAT going to do for me?”

When I attempted journalism the first time, it sucked my soul dry of all creativity. You learn about the inverted pyramid where all your important information is spewed out in the beginning of the article and the more mundane things linger towards the bottom of your piece.

They teach you how to blurb in the newspaper about a break-in at 223 main street.


They tell you things like “in journalism it’s not about YOU”, well… sometimes my stories are about ME.  Although I do admit another pet peeve I have with “bloggers” is exactly that… the over use of the word “I”.

We are all guilty of it, but I do notice the articles I write that are “not about me” get thousands more hits. The reader finds it more relatable when they can place themselves into your reading without being bored by a personal story.

…So I ran to the English department where I could take creative writing, but they wanted me to read Shakespeare and write poetry.



Where does an “entrepreneurial digital journalist” such as myself go?  How do we make money without becoming a sell out?  Media seems to be going in this direction right?  Magazines and newspapers are going the way of Atari aren’t they?

Nothing in college has taught me exactly HOW to make a living. Sure… I have become a better writer; a writer that is more focused and one that actually uses a semi-colon, like I just did.

(I’ll wait, I know you’re looking for it)

…but I don’t like the stigma attached to the word “blogger”, and I enjoy writing too much to start talking about mom-jeans or shampoo to generate revenue.

I always envisioned myself in a busy Manhattan office with a steady job writing for some incredible magazine, or writing on a beach in Thailand somewhere while collecting a hefty paycheck.

I want to create something people look forward to reading; something they can laugh at.  Deep down we all think we are Carrie Bradshaw making money with our own fabulous column right?

A Digital Journalist hmm?   That’s what I am I suppose…guess I should order new business cards.

BuddhafulBritt.com the digital journalistic online magazine:  from the mind of Lisa Britt!”  

Please subscribe,  I beg you… I don’t want to have to write about my new boots or the latest pumpkin spiced lipstick.


8 comments on “Giving Blogging a Bad Name

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  2. Foreign Indian Wife
    September 28, 2015

    I write this reply as a starving entrepreneurial digital journalist myself.
    I tried my best to monetize my previous blog, but I was really lousy with staying on top of spelling and grammar due to my busy life. I’ve made about $20 with adsense, the entire year and a half it’s been up. I won’t write sponsored posts. But I did share a few travel articles I wrote for Hipmunk on my blog.
    My inspiration is Grace from TexaninTokyo. She started out writing a blog about Japanese culture and her experience with it, then it started to become really popular, so she moved on to drawing weekly comics. Her popularity exploded. She wrote 3 books and is still going. She started a youtube video to talk about (and show) her life in Japan.
    I look up to her as a “blogger”.
    And to be honest, I have always disliked the term blogger. I just call myself a writer. 🙂


    • Britt
      September 28, 2015

      You and I seem to be similar in many ways, especially in temperament. I’m really happy to have met you. You would think I would learn these marketing skills in college but no. I’m spending a ton of cash and time to not really learn how to survive once I graduate. It’s scary. I wrote an article about following that thing that makes “time fly” and I stick by that. I can spend days on end writing, I love it. I’m just going to keep going and deejay happens. No end goal, just following my passion. Hugs

      Liked by 1 person

      • Foreign Indian Wife
        September 29, 2015

        Well that’s a beautiful thing. After all, it’s not about the destination – it’s about the journey.
        Yes ♥ we are very similar – and I am so happy to have met you too. I hope you always follow your passion. ♥


    • Britt
      September 28, 2015

      And I like wandering Earl and “this American girl” as well.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Foreign Indian Wife
        September 29, 2015

        Yes! I follow both of them as well! So you must love travel as much as I do… I should know that to be true, I read somewhere that you have been all over the place! Lucky lady. 🙂


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