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C'mon Inner Peace… I Don't Have All Damn Day


This afternoon was like any other; I did some housework while my son was at school. There really isn’t much to write about today, just the daily musings about me puttering around the house.

As usual, the news was constantly running in the background. I don’t really watch or pay much attention to it though. They were detailing all the places the latest person infected with the Ebola virus has been in the past 48 hours.


“He went bowling at Gutters Bowling Alley in Williamsburg Brooklyn, he rode the L train and he went for a three mile jog.”

In the same breath, after everyone who ever rode the L train or had been bowling at Gutters in the last five years was listening, they assured us… “Don’t worry, it’s is very difficult to catch.”

Oh… well that’s good; “I should check on my plants,” I thought.

I went downstairs and did some gardening; making sure all of my plants are getting enough sun. I watered them; they love that. I’ve recently become addicted to growing things. Have you ever gown a tomato plant? I have several now, they’re getting so big. I can’t wait to taste my first one.

The pup wanted to come outside with me so I went back in to get her.

She’s so cute.

They told me was a designer dog called a puggle, which is a combination of a pug and beagle, but most people say she has some basenji in her.  I don’t think so, she’s just a cute mutt from the shelter.


The news continued on as I latched the leash onto my dog, only this time there was a new story… “Oh good it’s not about Ebola…”

“There was another school shooting? Man that sucks”. I sat for a minute to find out where.

They said it was north of Seattle.  Oh… O.k.

I had to listen for a moment. This was a new one right? They weren’t talking about yesterdays shooting in Canada were they? Nah… Its was definitely a new shooting they were detailing; when will it end?

I had forgotten about the dog, she was super annoyed at me for not rushing outside when I said I would. You should see her, she lays in the sun for hours while I garden. I have a post in the ground and she can hang out with me and my tomato plants.

The end of October is my favorite time of the year, especially in Florida. After a long hot summer we can finally wear jeans again, and sometimes even a sweater.

“A sweater?!?!” I thought to myself excitedly “I’m chilly” So I ran inside to grab something to throw on.

The news on the TV had changed the subject once again as I zipped upstairs to find something with long sleeves. It seems ISIS may have obtained chemical weapons made from… Chlorine?

I don’t know… I was cold.

I dug through a pile of clothes that needed to be put away.


Google Images labeled for re-use

“I hate putting clothes away.” I thought to myself. I’ve had a pile on my chair for three days now.  “I’ll put them away when I come back in.” I lied…

We live in a townhouse, so there are three stories to run back down to the backyard where the dog is. I feel bad leaving her outside in the backyard when I am so far away on the top floor; I always worry about the neighbors complaining.

They complain about everything, like my garage door being open too long, or my dog being too hyper.

She is hyper; I think it’s funny… they hate her; I hate them… It’s mutual.

I noticed the time on the clock, and wondered where my day had gone? I had to pick up my son from school so I grabbed my crazy dog and put her into the car.

My son had a nice day, he’s been sick all week so I was happy to see him feeling better.


There was some breaking news on the radio… it seems the body identified was in fact that girl from Virginia Tech. I thought about her parents for a few seconds; I hope at the very least they can get some closure.

I changed the channel and heard Taylor Swifts new song.

“This. Sick. Beat?”

Taylor, I’m sorry to tell you that is NOT a sick beat; it’s bubble gum and annoying. If you were trying to get back at the people who make fun of you… this is not the way. Sorry girl.

Poor thing, she has no clue.

We had to wait at the bridge to get onto the island we live on. Sometimes a sailboat causes the bridge to go up at the most inconvenient times.


I just wanted to get home, cook dinner and relax. I hadn’t sat down all day.

After we arrived at home I turned the TV back on so I could finally watch the news. It’s my favorite past-time, I can just catch up on things while completely vegging out.

I think it’s interesting how they have two suspected black serial killers at the same time… completely not what the media always portrays. The dude in Indiana doesn’t seem all there, but the one in Virgina? I would have totally been his friend, he looks so normal.

Kim Jong-un was mentioned, where the hell was he these last few weeks? He just re-appears all of a sudden?


Oh and did you see the man in New York City who attacked some cops with a hatchet? They say he isn’t a terrorist, I would absolutely call that terrifying though.

Wouldn’t you?

I wonder what’s happening in the Ukraine, everything must be better by now; I don’t hear much about it.

And Gaza? I’m glad those poor people can relax a bit. Right? I mean… that was months ago already; I’m sure everything is finally working itself out.

My kid was starving, so I made him some dinner; we had veggie burgers. I usually make the black bean ones; have you ever had them? They’re delicious. I don’t give my kid much meat, I mean, he can have as much as he wants… but I don’t cook it at home. I haven’t had red meat, pork or seafood in over twenty years.

I do eat poultry though.

How is it that I’m so tired? I didn’t do anything all day. I just relaxed and filled my soul with the puppy, my plants and my son. Life is so beautiful isn’t it?

Just another day in America, there wasn’t much to write about today.

October 24th, 2014 BuddhafulBritt.com

One comment on “Desensitized

  1. Neems
    November 22, 2014

    Just loved your everyday ranting and the pics.. so much soul in things you say that go absolutely unnoticed.


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