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Countries around the world celebrate their day of thanks at different times of the year. Canada observes their version of Thanksgiving during October, then half their country leaves for Florida, where they wait for the frozen tundra to thaw.

Today is Thanksgiving in the U.S. which occurs in November.

Now that I am married to an Indian, I’m learning all about their culture as well. India celebrates their Thanksgiving on August 15th. But North Indian Punjabi people celebrate Lohri, which is traditionally on the shortest day of the year, winter solstice.

A bonfire is lit to celebrate the days becoming longer with shorter nights. The festivities are enjoyed while being mindful of the elements fire, wind, water, and earth.

Lohri on winter solstice

Lohri on winter solstice

It’s also a day to celebrate the harvest where people thank God for creation and providing. Kids even have a tradition slightly similar to “trick or treating” where they go around collecting wood for the bonfires, and many people take to the rooftops to fly kites.

“Shukriya” is one of the MANY Indian words for “thanks.”

On our American day of giving “shukriya” there are the typical things that everyone tends to be thankful for such as family, a roof over their head, and an abundance of food to eat.

For those things I am eternally grateful; absolutely. But… This guy?



I am beside myself with shukriya-ness for Cairo in the most insane, obsessed, motherly way possible. I am also indebted for life to Skype. Without it, there would have been no Manpreet and Lisa… just Lisa, sitting here watching sunset, night after night, like I had done for eight-lonely-years before this hottie brightened my world.

Manny and I, always on Skype

Manny and I, always on Skype

So, BIG shukriya to Skype.

Shukriya Facebook, and the entire internet as well. The combination of all those tech-companies which I can not comprehend how they connected me to the sweetest man I have ever known.

Shukriya Masala Girls, you make me laugh and keep me sane knowing that I am not crazy for falling for a man half-way around the world. Thank you for letting me into your daily life as a reminder that this does… and will work out the way I believe it will. You girls are ALL my inspiration!

Masala Ladies

Masala Ladies

Shukriya to my professors who keep me wanting to learn. Had I never returned to school I would not have known my own worth. College gives you so much more than a scholastic education, it gives you confidence and empowerment. Super-Duper-Shukriya on the education Yo.

USF go Bulls

USF go Bulls

Shukriya to my exciting new life! Who gets married in India to the man of her dreams? THIS GIRL… that’s who. It may not have been my first plan, but sometimes plan C,D, and E are all just as valid right? I’m not exactly uptight on the “planning’ situation, ya dig? So whatever works to bring Manpreet home; I’m all in the Shukriya-mode of THAT plan. And shukryia to all the wonderful the people who support our love. Major Shukriya for loving us.


cake topper


Which brings me to Shukriya for an adventurous soul. I would simply not be me if I would have sat around being normal would I? So Shukriya to whatever universal energy moved me to New York City where I found myself.

My true love

My true love

I give Shukriya that I left my hometown and learned to love people of all cultures. Shukriya to the Spanish language for expanding my horizons, and to Costa Rica just because it exists in all it’s beauty…

Jaco, costa rica

Jaco, costa rica

Shukriya to my family-friends in Mexico, we may be separated by distance but you are forever in my soul.

And… as difficult as this may be to believe, I give major shukriya-props to Florida. I know, I know…. but, who gets to raise their son on an island where the Gulf breeze is currently blowing into my living room? Pandora is on the Roku and Massive Attack is reminding me of Morgans Bar, and the people I loved there.

Florida Sunsets

Florida Sunsets

I may not be surrounded by Manhattan or the people I love most, but I’m thankful for the life I’ve created here, someday I’ll look back and appreciate it even more so, I hope.

I’m thankful that I survived my car accident, and I get to live every single day as a precious gift. Such a horrific day created a beautiful way to look at our amazing world.

So… Shukriya to my brain-injury and all the lessons learned from it.

My car

My car

And… most importantly, Shukriya Mommy. She has given me everything. Who I am; simply everything is because of her. Shukriya to the coolest Mommy in the world. Do you even understand how lucky I am to have her? No, you don’t because she’s mine… and Shukriya to THAT.

74 years young

74 years young

Since our family is becoming so culturally-masala (mixed), today I will take Cairo and light a bonfire for our day of shukriya; a new element added to the traditional American Thanksgiving; veggie-turkey, stuffing, cranberries and a bonfire?

Why not.

Namaste ate’ Amana

…And, shukriya to brothers who live 10,000 miles apart; Nonu and Cairo. They introduced Rex and Charlee, an arranged marriage? Stranger things have happened in India; you never know.

Rex and Nonu love Charlee and Cairo

Rex and Nonu love Charlee and Cairo


25 comments on “Shukriya

  1. Kelli J.
    December 3, 2015

    Shukriya to you, my dear friend! Even though we haven’t seen each other in over a month due to our hectic lives, I know that the second we get together, my day will be brighter and nothing else will matter except our catching up and enjoying each other’s company. Thank you for being a part of my life! Love you girl!


    • Lisa
      December 3, 2015

      Shukriya to my Florida bestie! I love you so very much. Thank you for always being there for me. See you soon!


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