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The Indian Grocery: Beauty Products


One of my favorite things to do while I’m in a foreign country is go directly to the supermarket. For me, I behave like a kid in a candy store; all the products are different, with packaging I don’t recognize. I could spend hours reading labels and purchasing items that I have no idea what’s inside or how they work.

It just so happens that being married to an Indian man has a synchronistic quality about it. I’m finding out that Indian products align perfectly with who I am. I also had no idea that all these Ayurvedic miracles were so easily available and affordable.

You see? I try not to use chemicals. I haven’t “shampooed” my hair in more than four years due to sulfites, parabens or whatever crazy ingredients corporations shove into a bottle.



I found all the Indian Groceries within driving distance of my home, and started my experiments. I would love to introduce you to some beauty-gems I have discovered at the Indian grocery.

Neo Veda

attribution: Neo Veda


Someone should explain to me why these amazing eyeliners are not marketed to western women? These thick, natural and waterproof eyeliners create that smoky look that only eyeliners from the 80’s could do. Remember buying those cheap red eyeliners from CVS which we would burn with a match for some black liquid gold?

YES… Women from India and the Middle East have held this secret from us for too long. “KAJAL,” Google it…your life will be forever changed, I promise!

I use Biotique with almond oil, but a friend of mine swears by the Himalaya brand, either of them are nothing short of magical. In India they sell for about $1. but online they run about $8. I have found them at my local Indian grocery for $2.99.


attribution: Biotique / Himalaya


Used as a natural shampoo; Shikakai a ground up root which cleanses the hair and fills it with tons of nutrients. I’ve tried just about every natural product you could think of for my hair. Beer? Eggs? Aloe? Baking soda and apple cider vinegar? Most do the job somewhat, but it was exhausting trying to find that Holy Grail of natural hair products UNTIL I discovered Shikakai.

Since my discovery, my hair grows like a freaking weed. It feels clean, soft and smooth.



This stuff is a miracle. It’s literally a root, which means it’s earthy smelling, mud-like, and gritty substance filled with vitamins. It will not lather or foam like we are used to. The results though, are incredible and cost only about $1.99 per box, which lasts more than a month.

You can read the directions–> HERE

Amla, Neem, Aritha and Brahmi

After using Shikaki for quite some time I began buying up a bunch of other boxes of hair products at the Indian Grocery.   So if Shikakai is cleansing, then Amla is more of a conditioner. It’s the perfect compliment to a nice warm bottle of Shikakai on my hair. Both are earthy smelling ground up concoctions that Indian people have been using for hundreds of years.  Have you seen Indian women’s hair? A. MAZING.


Other Hesh hair products

Other Hesh hair products

While Shikakai and Amla are the two basic holy grail mixtures in any natural hair-care regimen, there are many, many others which you can add, such as: Aritha: This is a little more cleansing. If your hair was greasy or needed an extra umph for whatever reason, you add a few teaspoons of Aritha (known as Reetha in India). It can dry your hair out of you use it by itself, so be aware. It does however pair very well with the other two roots when you need that EXTRA cleanse. Brahmi, is also used more as a conditioner. Some people rave about their hair feeling silky soft after mixing Shikakai with Brahmi. I find that switching them up from time to time helps restore sheen.

Neem: Well, personally I seem to be allergic to Neem. Which is the perfect time to warn you to do an allergy test where you put a small portion of product on your hand or neck and wait 24 hours to see how you react. Most people are not allergic to Neem and reap the many benefits, not just for hair.

Read about the benefits of Neem HERE.  It is said to help with anything from dental health, ulcers, and even lice, but for hair, it’s used for dandruff and scalp itch.

Multani, Heenara, Kalpi Tone and Tulsi:


These are a few other products I have been experimenting with. All of them are for hair, except Multani which is a face mask and pimple zapper, a VERY good one I might add. You can see a noticeable difference in skin tone with just one use of Multani, which is made from extremely mineralized earth. Heenara, leaves your hair with a redish tone to it while cleansing as well. It is a combination of several of the products mentioned about, like Shikakai, but it has a highlighting effect.  Tulsi, is most famous for it’s tea, but like Neem it has many other beneficial uses which you can read about HERE.


Khadi Soap

Khadi Soap

This is a handmade brand of soap made with natural essential oils such as Mint, or honey. The product line is paraben-free, and has serval amazing varieties to choose from. Khadi is one of the best soaps I have ever used, and costs less than a dollar if you buy it at the Indian Grocery. Or you can order it online HERE.

Himalaya products:

Himalaya products

Himalaya products

It’s safe to say that Himalaya is one of the most commercialized and famous of the Indian products. I have found Himilaya products in tiny store fronts from Costa Rica, Nicaragua and France. Even though they are mass produced their commitment to healthy ingredients is the reason why they are so large. I like everything I have ever tried by Himalaya, and I trust them. Currently I use their toothpaste made with Neem and Pomegranate. ( I am not allergic to this form of Neem), but their website is vast ranging from supplements to natural beauty products, read about the company HERE.

Majabhringaraj oil, and Yogi Raaj oil:


Please, I dare you to say “Majabhringaraj oil.” Maha-bring-a-raj… This stuff is the end-all be-all of conditioning oil for your hair. I can not say enough about it, you MUST read about it. I am so in love with this product that I’ll just wait while you read… HERE.

How does this help with migraines, ear aches and insomnia? I have no idea, but I sleep like a baby when I use this stuff and it helps with hair growth as well.


Similarly, Yogi Raaj oil has a unique smell and Tea-Tree oil type of cooling effect on your scalp. There is a funny commercial in India about this stuff… watch it HERE, and you can see that the cooling effect and unique smell must bring some sort of relaxation or drug induced state of calm? I don’t know, I love the stuff.

Neo Veda:


neo veda

While rushing through the airport in New Delhi, I hastily grabbed a few small boxes of product to try when I got home. There was a little stand set up for tourists as they leave and I didn’t want to go home empty-handed so I grabbed two. I purchased a small vile of essential oil called “anti-pigmentation” and a “walnut and turmeric” facial scrub, and went on my way.

For nearly a year, I was saddened because I did not buy a small suitcase worth. The next time I was in New Delhi I made SURE that I stayed at the Metropolitan hotel, where their spa is Neo Veda. I love these products so much that I have made all my friends try them, and stock up each time I am in India.

the anti-pigmentation essential oil gets rid of sun and age spots to the point they dry up and never return. From driving around in a convertible and living in Florida, my forehead was looking pretty “spotty,” until I found Neo Veda. I have tried to re-create the oil here in the states with the same ingredients to no avail, so here is the web-site, I implore you to take a gander and give it a try.  Read about Neo Veda products  HERE


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27 comments on “The Indian Grocery: Beauty Products

  1. Mani (A New Life Wandering)
    January 17, 2016

    These are great! On my latest trip to India I tried a few new products that I loved including Biotique products (I tried the face soap and moisturizer), vicco turmeric skin cream, and I love the vicco toothpaste, I stocked up on that. I haven’t tried the one you mentioned.
    I haven’t tried the hair products but you make me want to. Next time I see them I’m buying them because you’re right, Indian women have amazing hair.


    • Britt
      January 17, 2016

      Haha thank you. I love love love vicco turmeric, but due to my “natural” ingredient philosophy I don’t use it all the time. It has something in it that I didn’t like, maybe patabens? I’ll have to look


  2. Ashutosh
    February 22, 2016

    Have you ever tried Patanjali products??


    • Britt
      February 22, 2016

      I have not, but I will look into them. Tell me what you like about them. Would love to discover new products.


  3. OrganicIsBeautiful
    April 19, 2016

    Awesome post!

    Sabrina – http://www.OrganicIsBeautiful.com

    Liked by 1 person

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