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Cr1 Spousal Visa: Interview Questions

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Scroll down for interview questions, Please PRINT and Share!

Our experience:

Typically, once you arrive at this category of my blog you seem to be desperately searching for answers on the visa “journey,” for intercultural couples… and what a “journey” it is huh?

Trust me I know, it’s hell on earth. Manny and I have been through it… TWICE.

We have spent hours on the Visa Journey website trying to time our “package” as it travels from Texas to Nebraska. Or are you one of those lucky souls whose parcel ended up in Potomac?

Nope. Us either.

For the better part of a year, the USCIS holds your life in their hands, with your bundle of memories and proof seeming to be lost in Never-Never-Land… but once it moves to the NVC in New Hampshire…   omg… it’s almost over?

Any day now your husband (or wife) will be in your arms right?   Wrong.

The Visa Journey website, Facebook groups, and the people we have met along the way have been priceless to us, as I’m sure you know.

I feel it’s now my duty to help YOU...  just like so many helped us when we needed guidance.

We were married March 13th (and 15th) of 2016 in a Sikh temple, New Delhi India.  We started this whole tedious process all over again in April of 2016. You can read about our denied K1 Fiance Visa journey in the links below, or our most recent 2017 Cr1 Spousal Visa Timeline— HERE

I will reiterate, I DO NOT RECOMMEND THE FIANCE VISA. (Especially for India)

My attorneys office claimed, in the case of the New Delhi Embassy, only about  1 out of 100  K1 fiance visas are approved.

Intercultural relationships are typically denied. And, don’t even think of applying for the fiancé visa if you have age differences, second marriages, children from a past relationship, or any other questionable circumstances which Indian culture normally finds unacceptable.

They “may” approve arranged marriages, between similar cultures, with LOTS of family documentation (notarized letters and photos with the family). So don’t waste your time, money or heartache if you have any of the aforementioned issues.

For our case, the US embassy claimed there was “no proof of marriage within 90 days upon arrival to the US,” and gave a denial letter, 221g.

We took away their fears and got married… twice. 

Our Sikh wedding was in front of his family, and another at the courthouse. We gathered notarized letters from both families, professional wedding photo albums, and receipts from our honeymoon. This time we left no stone unturned.


We applied for our Cr1 Spousal Visa and watched time go by… Slowly.   Again. 

I worried about the Cr1 Spousal Visa interview, since the last one was so unfair.  “What in the world will they ask us at the next interrogation?” because, literally, our first interview was a 9 hour interrogation, no doubt about it.

So, I gathered my resources and compiled a list of questions asked at the US Embassies in India. Please use this as a loose guide to what may be asked of you; I have questioned over 400 people and here is what they told me.

Marriage Visa to the US  “Interview Questions” 

Which side of the bed do you both sleep on?

What are each of your hobbies?

When and where did you meet?

What does your wife like to eat the most?

How does he shave?

What are his past jobs?

How many siblings does he have? What are their names and ages?

Name and ages of parents?

Favorite colors?

What is his shoe size?

What kind of clothes does he like to wear?

Where will you live together?

How many TV’s do you own?

Does she have animals? What are their names?

How did you get married and how many guests were there?

Name these people in the photo album?

Who asked who to get married?

When and where did you meet?

Where was your first date?

What do her parents do for a living?

What are her children’s names?

Did you read about the abuse pamphlets we gave you?

How many trips to India has she made?

How long was each stay in India?

Is she here now? How long is she staying? Where is she staying?

What did your Indian parents think of you marrying an American with kids?

Do they know she is older? What do they think?

Has she met your family? How do they get along?

Who attended the marriage?

Have you vacationed together? Show me the pictures of that…

Did you have a Honeymoon?  Pictures

What did you each eat on your first date?  Give details about your first meeting

What color underwear do they have on right now?

Were either of you married before?

Where does she/ he work?

Did your parents try to fix you up with another Indian girl first?

How long were you talking before married?

Where does your wife live in the US?

What is her birthdate? Place of birth?

Why would an educated Indian man marry and uneducated American girl?

If you are in fact Christian, please sing a church song right now…

Name your wife’s three best friends?

Why did your uncle not attend the wedding? Who disapproves? Why?

Who has filed the petition for you?

Have you ever tried the US vis before? Why were you denied?

How did you communicate most? Whats app? Facebook?

What is your engagement date?

What other names do either of you go by?

When was the first time you met in person?

Why did no one from her side attend the marriage?

Have you been to any other countries before?

How long did she stay after the wedding?

Which university did your wife attend?

How many times did you walk around the fire? (Hindu)

*After a long interview, one man was asked “Please go spend some time thinking about your answers sir…  to which the husband replied, my answers will be the same in five minutes or five days,” they were approved.

Another friend compiled this list from a “United States Visa” Facebook page, I’d like to share it as well. (some questions may be a repeat)

“During the Visa interview they can ask you what they want to, most likely they know the answer already, so don’t lie.”

1. What is the name of your petitioner?

2. How did you meet?

3. When is your fiancée’s birthday?

4. When is the last time you have seen your fiancé?

5. When will you leave for the US?

6. When did you meet in person? How long have you known each other?

7. When did your fiancé propose?

8. Why was your fiancée’s previous marriage not working out?

9. Does your fiancé have any children?

10. What does your fiancée do for a living?

11. Have you ever been to the US?

12. Where are you getting married?

13. Does your fiancé ‘have any brothers and sisters?

14. Do you have any brothers and sisters?

15. Where does your fiancé’ parents live?

16. Where was your fiancé born?

17. Where does your fiancé live?

18. Where was your fiancé born?

19. What do you love about your fiancé?

20. When are you going to leave for the US?

21. When are you going to have the wedding?

22. Have you ever applied for a traveling visa?

23. Where did your fiancé (e) stay when he was visiting you?

24. Do you have other relatives living in the United States?

25. Do you know if your fiancé was married before?

26. How long have you been corresponding with your fiancée?

27. What is your fiancé’s religious background?

28. What is your religious background?

29. Does your fiancé speak and understand your language?

30. Do you speak and understand your fiancé’s language?

31. How do you two communicate?

32. How often do you talk to each other?

33. Are you planning to have children?

34. Have you ever been married?

35. How did he (or you) proposed?

36. When did your fiancé get divorced?

37. Why did your fiancé first marriage not work?

38. Did you make a formal announcement of your engagement to family and friends?

39. Did you have an engagement party?

(They can ask anything, this list is just a small sample.)

After compiling all these questions over the past year, Manny and I finally had or Cr1 Visa Interview in March 2017.

I learned a lesson from last time, that staying in hotel is frowned upon in India. We were told many times that I should have stayed at Manny’s family home, so we did just that. Also, I did not go to the second interview, but I was in India, waiting. I sent him with my passport stamp showing I was actually in the country.

He dressed like he was going to a job interview, and he was prepared with proof beyond imagination. It was organized in a binder, neatly, in chronological order.  We had prepared receipts, professional photo albums, call logs, email copies… ANYTHING to prove our love.

I was terrified to go through the devastation of a denial once again.

The entire interview only took five minutes this time.  They asked him “How long have you known your wife?” and “How many people attended your marriage?,” “What does she do for work, and where does she study?”  Then… a trick question, “You said in your last interview that you met your wife at a hospital, through your cousin?”

Manny was confused and said, “NO!  That’s not true,” and we were approved instantly.

They did not ask for the photo albums or extra proof, but they were very visible to the officer. They could see we were prepared, which I believe made the interview as short and simple as possible.

After almost 4 years apart, I finally get to sleep next to my husband. The wait was hard, long and painful… but so sooooo worth it. The next step in our “journey” has begun, which is getting Manny acclimated to the US.   A process I did not expect to be so… interesting?

Stay tuned.

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6 comments on “Cr1 Spousal Visa: Interview Questions

  1. Mallee Stanley
    June 3, 2017

    Sounds like you live in the wrong country. It took me six months (and that’s only because the attache held it up hoping for a bribe). I then wrote to head office in Australia and he got his wrists slapped!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Britt
      June 3, 2017

      You’re very lucky. It took us about a year, but the first time was 18 months.

      Liked by 2 people

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  4. Ellen Hawley
    October 8, 2017

    I swear, they’ll do anything to make it more difficult.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Britt
      October 8, 2017

      It’s so horrible. Divide families… yet they’re trying to make it even MORE difficult. Hahaha whatttt?

      Liked by 1 person

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