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What a Difference a Year Makes

Yesterday was Manny’s one year anniversary in the United States, we celebrated Holi at my university. That had to be the quickest year of my life. Sometimes I feel like he has always been here, and other times, I’m still blown away he exists in the first place.


“Oh, Good Morning, you’re really here? All that wedding stuff and immigration hassle really happened?”


Manny describes our relationship as “smokey.” Proudly, he tells people how we bicker and push each others buttons. While I have to agree that I sometimes enjoy the banter, outsiders would perceive this as dysfunctional.

I don’t.

I feel like this is the most functional relationship I’ve ever had. We give each other so much space that I look back on the co-dependent relationships of my past and want to cringe.

Manny passed his Florida Real Estate Exam on the first try, then we went on a quick cruise to the Bahamas. He had only been doing Real Estate for less than a month, when he got his first listing. He is looking for a second job, to supplement real estate for now.


And, I could not be more proud.

But, this past year has left him with some crazy realizations as well. First of all, the streets are not “paved in gold” here in the United States.  I’m sure no one really believes that, but a lot of foreigners do think because our wages are higher, then obviously we’re all rich.

We are far from rich.

I remember one Indian man, in India, telling me that Americans were stupid, and when he gets his visa approved he will be rich in three months. Well, that man has been in the U.S. close to a year… and working at a convenience store.

It’s good to dream, but be realistic.

Manny never thought the fallacy of Golden Streets was true, but he is finding out that “getting a job” here is much more difficult than back home in India.  He can’t simply show up somewhere and start working the next day.  Oftentimes, he applies for a job, and never gets a call-back whatsoever.

This bothers him about our culture immensely.

He reaches out to people, and they never text/call back, even on a friendship level. No one returns that courtesy.

Also, legalities such as background checks before a job interview freak him out. In India you can lie on your resume, get an uncle to vouch for you, etc. But in the United States they want documentation… of EVERYTHING.

Theirs is a communal lifestyle. Everyone does EVERYTHING together.  Individuality is suppressed, and family is involved in even minor decisions. This is not the case here in the States. We value autonomy; our independence is a source of pride.

I think he both loves and hates that about our culture.

On one hand he can finally make his own decisions, but on the other hand he feels quite vulnerable and is sometimes seen as domineering or controlling.  He isn’t… but Americans who are not knowledgeable in his culture, absolutely see him that way,

For instance, he learned a sport called “pickle ball,” but I think his upbringing gave teammates the appearance of him being controlling. Anyone who really knows Manny, can see that he is a sweetheart on the inside, but our cultures differ so much that he is often misunderstood.

I was told it would take about a year for him to adjust, and they were pretty much on point with that advise.

Someday, in time, I think my husband may assimilate completely. It’s been a year of learning for him… and also for my family, but I believe we are headed in the right direction.


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One comment on “What a Difference a Year Makes

  1. Abubakar fausat
    April 24, 2018

    Congratulations sis Lisa Britain,wish you and your family more years of happiness together


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